Who I Am?

Nancy from Bookings-World

So hello, my name is Nancy and I created this blog just to have fun and share my experience and information about games I like. I will write informative news about games that I play, will try to do my best and get the most important information which could help you in games or maybe with my help you will find your next famous game that you will enjoy.

Anyway these days there is so many games around and its hard to choose what to buy and play. As you already know, but most of companies choosing to jump on mobile games industry and making game apps for their games, like The Sims -> The Sims Freeplay. I think you understood what I mean 🙂

Sometimes I trying to download new games from the app store only then I understand that my iPhone memory is full, and its full because of other games that were installed before, so you can imagine how many fun games there is and its not possible to try them all, so I will try to do my best by choose and writing articles only about those apps which is really popular and trending.

You may ask, why my websites is called bookings-world? Even I cant answer this question.. It was just good for me 😀

See you!