Starside Celebrity Resort

Is it easy to play Starside Celebrity Resort?

To most people, a video game gives them the most unimaginable pleasure. This type of people are usually called gamers and they try out different games over a period of time in order to keep the games exciting and interesting to them.

Starside Celebrity Resort Logo

Games have been embraced around the world as a sort of entertainment and this has led to more and more people interested to engage in games to keep them busy or to cure themselves of boredom. Soon though, a game may become frustrating when no progress can be made since the game probably needs you to pay for a resource before allowing you to reach the highest potential. This is where cheats come in.

One such game is the starside celebrity resort game which is gaining momentum every single day. There have been over a million downloads on the Google play store and much more downloads through unofficial sites. This game is highly addictive and is widely used by lots of people.

The game is made and edited by Tapp’s games and is one of their finest games to date. The game is all about an old-fashioned resort which needs revamping. You have been selected to be the new owner of this resort and your long-term objective is to turn this resort into something that is admired by all its competitors and onlookers.

One interesting feature of this game is the virtual coins which are needed to pay for the game. When you have no virtual coins, you would not be able to buy additional lives which could lead to a stop in gameplay.

However, various people have been able to develop different types of cheat which affect the game in various ways. Such ways could include giving unlimited and a more customized interface.

Don’t waste your money for virtual resources

Starside Celebrity Resort TippsThere are also Starside Celebrity Resort Cheats which allow you to put any sort of installations you would need in your resort which will give it the boost it so much needs. Certain cheats also work on celebrities in an interesting manner. It will enable you the player to be able to play certain locked chapters in the game and reveal some interesting details about the celebrities that come to your resort.

The cheat is available for free and is offered by most online sites. However, some of these cheats may not actually function properly so don’t be surprised if you have to download it twice from different sites before it works properly. Also attached to the cheat is the unlimited coins which the norm nowadays and sites claim to have the answer to it by their coin generation which generates coin after an identification process which ends in a verification process.

You might want to check out this game. This is because it has had a lot of positive reviews from gamers who have actually tried it out. The game may actually get you hooked without you even realizing it. So decide to check this game out today and you may have just found the one game that you cannot put down!

See you next time with new game.

The Gamer.

Sky Clash Destroyed Base

Sky Clash Review about Cheats

Sky Clash: Lords of Clans 3D can be considered as one of the most popular strategy games among people out there in the world. If you are addicted to this game, you will definitely come across the need to look for Sky Clash tricks. That’s because the game becomes increasingly challenging as you proceed with it. Eventually, you will come to a situation where you cannot proceed through the game without Sky Clash tutorials.

There is a high demand for Sky Clash strategies from players who live in every corner of the world. If you do a simple research on the internet, you will be able to come across a large number of tools, but all of them are not capable of delivering positive results to you. That’s where we thought about introducing an effective Sky Clash cheat to you. You can go through this article and proceed through the Sky Clash game with minimum hassle.

Sky Clash Base

About our online Sky Clash tool

You don’t need to download anything in order to gain access to the Sky Clash cheats offered by us. That’s because we offer a simple and a convenient online generator to you. This will provide you with the ability to go through a convenient experience when you are trying to hack the Sky Clash game.

Below mentioned are the steps that you will need to follow in order to gain access to the Sky Clash cheats offered by us. If you follow the steps as we have asked, you are guaranteed not to end up with any frustration. These steps can deliver amazing results to you with hacking the game as per your specific needs and requirements.

  • The Sky Clash cheat we offer will be based on your mobile device. Due to this reason, you should first select the operating system of your mobile device. In other words, you need to select whether you have Android, Windows Mobile or iOS installed on your phone. Then you can go ahead and click on the “Connect” button that you can see on the interface. Once you do it, you will be able to see how the online generator is attempting to establish a connection with your game. In the meantime, you should never forget to input the data you have. Then you will be able to get the functionality offered by our Sky Clash online tool as desired.
  • The functionality delivered by Sky Clash online tool is not just limited to mobile devices. It can deliver positive results to you while you are on your desktop as well. However, you need to make sure that you have successfully connected the mobile device with Sky Clash to your desktop via a USB cable. Then the online tool will detect the game installed in your mobile device and take appropriate steps to hack it. After the successful connection is established, the tool will go ahead and hack Sky Clash game for you. The process of getting Sky Clash cheats is simple as that and you don’t need to worry about anything else.
  • As mentioned earlier, the Sky Clash cheats work perfectly well on the desktops as well. Due to this reason, you will find it as an easy task to inject the hack directly into the game via your desktop. Once the hacking process is done, all features that you need from the Sky Clash game will be delivered to it. Then you just need to go forward and use the game with peace of mind. This process is extremely simple and you will love every bit of it.
  • The developers of Sky Clash cheats have paid special attention towards the security aspect linked with the tool. Therefore, you don’t need to keep any doubts in your mind about the security. No personal data of you will be leaked during the process of hacking Sky Clash game. It will just do the job of hacking Sky Clash game for you. Hence, you will be provided with the ability to keep peace of mind throughout the entire process. In order to ensure security, Sky Clash will provide you with a unique and a one of a kind proxy feature. This proxy feature will ensure that no personal data of you is revealed to third parties. Hence, you will be able to keep on using the system without having any doubts in your mind at all.
  • With Sky Clash cheats tool, you are provided with the ability to decide how much of resources that you need to generate. Therefore, you are provided with the ability to input the amount of resources that you are willing to generate. Once you enter the parameters, you can simply go ahead and click on the option “Hack Now”. Then the app will take care of the rest. This process is simple and straightforward. You will love every bit about it as well.
  • There are no restrictions to the usage of Sky Clash cheats tool. You are provided with the ability to go ahead and use it as much as you want. This can be considered as another unique factor, which has differentiated Sky Clash from the other similar tools that are available on the internet for you to consider.

Sky Clash Cards

Now you have a clear understanding about Sky Clash and how you will be able to use them to progress through the game. As the next step, you should get started with using this tool on your own. You can simply access it and use without having technical expertise. Sky Clash game will not figure out that you are using a tool to hack the game. Hence, nothing will happen to your Sky Clash account when you are using it to gain advantage and proceed through the game. This can help you to get the most out of Sky Clash game without experiencing any hassle.

Marvel Games Review

New Games from Marvel – Short review

Hello everyone, today we will make a short review about two new games from Marvel series.

Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment announces today by the release of a new DLC for LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2, this time dedicated to the universe of Fugitives.

The new Video Game Adventure Pack honors the comic book series created by Brian K. Vaughan and Adrian Alphona, and adapted to television last year, in which teenagers flee their parents when they discover that they belong to an organization of super heroes. This is an opportunity for players to discover a new level in the colors of the underwater city of Marine Vivarium, as well as the characters of Nico Minoru, Chase Stein, Alex Wilder, Karolina Dean, Molly Hayes, Old Lace and Gertrude Yorke.

This DLC can be purchased separately for 2.99 dollars, and is part of the seasons of the title.

LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2: our 20 minutes gameplay video.

Our next short review is dedicated for Marvel Strike Fore which is very new game.

Marvel Strike Force is a new mobile iteration from the FoxNext studio. On the occasion of its release, the developers has decided to reward us with a movie-oriented trailer.

We do not become a hero, we simply make a choice. No super-powers or super-shields, there is only one decision taken at a given moment to try to provide for the defense of humanity. The character we hear the voice off here is none other than the doctor of the team. He offers us this vision of the elements and, at the same time, this title to come on our smartphones and tablets.

At the same time you will need to get Power Cores which will help you to progress faster and to get them you do not have many choices, the first one is to buy them from the in-game store (which is expensive) and another one is to use google and search for Marvel Strike Force hack (it will be free and safe), but you can always go trough the hardest way and try to advance in game by playing it everyday and as this game is very attractive, you’ll not get bored 🙂

Watch short gameplay video and download this game directly to your device.

For today its finished, see you next week or earlier for new games reviews, just book the game you like in comments!

The Bookings World Team.

Ni no Kuni 2 Review

Ni no Kuni II: a game for fans?

Originally conceived on the Nintendo DS, Ni no Kuni first name has marked the spirits with its killer prank realization and its scenario full of magic and emotion. The Ghibli touched is palpable at all levels: characters, sets, animations, visual effects, events, etc. The game, in the spirit, is worthy of a film by Hayao Miyazaki and it is certainly one of his greatest strengths. Also, the non-participation of Koganei’s studio could be a real weight for his suite, but Level-5 used several levers so that this absence is not too much felt. Or no Kuni II does it have the makings of a great title for fans? This is a question that needs to be asked.

Ni no Kuni 2 Overview

Although Yoshiyuki Momose, the character designer, and Joe Hisaishi, the composer, are still there, Ni no Kuni II was not conceived in collaboration with the studio Ghibli. This may be a detail for some, but many fans have exposed their fears of facing a soulless game.

In order to prevent the break from being too big with the original, the team of Akihiro Hino chose to make a 180° turn, both in the gameplay and the staging, while maintaining an artistic touch reminiscent of the greatest Ghibli films.

A unique story

Ni no Kuni 2 Zip VectorTo avoid the comparison being too oppressive, Level-5 was based on a scenario and unpublished characters. Thus, Oliver and Lumi, hero of the first episode, leave room to the young Evan. The child, whose destiny is to become king, sees his character and his aptitudes being forged as he progresses.

The player participates in this initiation rite and discovers how a kid, accompanied by faithful acolytes, mourns his old life in order to reach the throne. In the spirit, the frame of Ni no Kuni II is less magical than the Vengeance of the Celestial Witch, but manages, by little touches, to restore the magic of the studio Ghibli.

Overall, the characters are more worked. However, it is obvious that the staging, materialized by in-game kinematics, does not have the same emotional impact as the sumptuous sequences of traditional animation of the first Ni no Kuni.

Certainly, the protagonists of Yoshiyuki Momose are totally in the spirit Ghibli (normal, the man is a defector of the studio and works regularly with the entity of Hayao Miyazaki), but they are not put forward in the same way. And inevitably, when one is a fan, this reality is important …

More action, less talk

It’s a fact, the austerity of the first episode – both in its redundancy and lacks punches – has put off a lot of players and Level-5 has acted for this suite to reach the greatest number. Doubtless to the chagrin of real fans of J-RPG, Ni no Kuni II is very dynamic, very focused on the action and remains, on almost all of his adventure, a disconcerting ease.

Very general public in mind, the initial formula turn-based disappeared in favor of a real-time action whose base is based on three main gameplay: the classic fights, the mode “kingdom”, based on the management of his city, and finally the “skirmish” mode, reminiscent of old-fashioned strategy games (STR).

These elements, which we invite you to discover in more detail in the Anagund test, participate in the structure of Ni no Kuni II. Even if the trend of tactical menus fades, there are still fervent defenders of old-fashioned gameplay in the J-RPG.

In this sense, the advent of a New Kingdom is primarily for new players and role-playing fans who are not afraid to break their habits. Those of the first episode will also have a time of adaptation, as the approach is far removed from the magical escapades of Oliver and Lumi.

Between fantasy and reality

However, Ni no Kuni II is not as far from his eldest as one might think. As we know, Ghibli loves to play with the imaginary worlds and Ni no Kuni II does not break this rule. Oliver spent most of his time in a fantastic universe and we find this notion in Evan’s adventure.

Thus, Roland, represented as a young adult, is in truth a man of mature age – president of his state in the contemporary world – who finds himself catapulted into a dimension parallel to earthly life. Exploiting this imagination, the character designer Yoshiyuki Momose has had a great pleasure in designing multi-faceted protagonists.

Sometimes tiny, sometimes gigantic, these creatures and characters are even more inspired than they were in the first episode and it is amusing to discover how Evan, during his initiatory journey, adapts to the mentalities and customs of every player. The events are better brought than in the past and this is a point on which the fans of Ni no Kuni first of the name can rely.


As can be seen, it is not easy to define if Ni no Kuni II is a title made for fans of J-RPG, Ghibli and the first episode. While it is undeniable that the presence of Yoshiyuki Momose and Joe Hisaishi brings an extra touch to the work of Level-5, the adventure is still very different from that of Oliver and demonstrates a desire for the studio to reach the general public. This in no way negates all the qualities of the game. However, this second episode is turned primarily to new players and lovers of the genre who are not afraid to break their habits. Fans of old-fashioned J-RPG and / or challenge without no doubt have another look at Evan’s wanderings. In this sense, Ni no Kuni II is a title for fans, but especially for a certain fringe of fans.